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Digital marketing can be a powerful way to get meaningful results for your business. However, to get there, we must first understand the strategy, its workings, and the different types of Digital Marketing available.

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Consumers want to know how to solve their problems and fulfil their dreams. So your brand will win their trust by providing them with high-quality, useful content.

Content Marketing can be done via blogs, social media channels, emails, and other channels. You can even create specific formats for mobile devices like push notifications and apps.

Every channel might require a different format. However, you can achieve the same objectives through blog posts, ebooks and infographics.

Content Marketing can be oriented by a funnel that also determines the type of content to use. Of course, the goal is to convert visitors to leads. 

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2. SEO (Social Media Optimisation)

Your public should be able to find content produced by your company when you begin production. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) lets you rank your content in search engines’ top positions. This will allow people to find your website by actively searching for your products and services.

You must know which keywords the audience is searching for to apply SEO. Next, create your content around these keywords. SEO cannot be ignored, as you can see.

3. SMM (Social Media Marketing)

As its name implies, SMM (or Social Media Marketing) is a marketing method that uses social media to promote brands, products, or content. Social Media Marketing offers many benefits, including the ability to connect with your audience and the potential for interaction. In addition, SMM can help you gain approval from your audience by sharing your content.

You can also use your social media networks as a direct communication channel to your audience. Therefore, it is essential to keep your social networks updated.

4. Paid Advertising

There are many ways to pay for media online. For example, paid ads for search engines are displayed at the top of the SERP before organic results. To woo the user, they always include an “Ad” favicon. Different payment models may be available for this type of Digital Marketing. However, these are the most popular:

  • Pay-per-click – This is the most popular method of media payment on the internet and can be used in nearly all digital marketing strategies. You buy clicks for your ad through a bid in an auction keyword.

CPM, or Cost-per Mile: impressions, is another popular model. This model is more beneficial when you work with a shorter tail keyword. The PPC model allows you to only pay for what is being used.

5. E-mail Marketing

Many email messages are being sent each day, and many people still believe that email marketing has died. Yet, email is an essential part of an Inbound marketing strategy. You can automate this process to guide your customer through the Marketing funnel.

social media marketing services
social media marketing

6. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing commissions content producers for every conversion they receive for a product/service. These content producers are essentially a sales team for your business. They write their content and then recommend your product/service using a link. Then, you pay them per sale if their audience clicks to purchase. Affiliate Marketing has the best advantage. You don’t have to reach a large audience. Instead, you can get a community of content producers.

You should choose producers who are compatible with your products and services, just as you do in Social Media Marketing. This type of marketing can be done by digital influencers, which are examples of content producers.

7. Influencer Marketing

When we talk about digital influencers, it is time for us to describe who they are—specialists in particular subjects with a large audience interested in what they have to say. If they feel it is appropriate, digital influencers might produce content specifically for your brand.

They have the power to test your products publicly and share their results with the public, whether positive or not. They can praise or denigrate your brand. Many brands are incorporating influencer marketing into their strategies, and they see positive results.Even though there are some risks, such as the influencer saying or doing something that negatively affects your image — their loyalty could help your brand attract more clients.

8. Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is not a trend. Brands that want to be always side-by-side with customers must make mobile marketing a reality. Mobile marketing can be done in several ways:

  • Create an app: to send push notifications to your audience when you’re ready to talk to them.
  • Instant messenger marketing: speak to your audience directly
  • Offer products or services based on geolocation: Be where your customers are
  • Explore SMS Potential: Keep your audience informed about their interests.
  • Mobile Content: keep your audience’s attention with engaging content like videos that they can access anywhere.

9. Video Marketing

Video marketing strategies can be used to drive results through the marketing funnel. This includes blog posts, emails. People search for videos for several reasons.


10. Audio Marketing

Audio Marketing is a topic that marketers should pay attention to in the mobile age. Podcasts, even though they don’t have the same dynamics as videos, are being increasingly consumed.

Podcasts are a natural phenomenon. They are trendy when people are on the move or performing some mechanical tasks like cleaning or exercising. You may be able to identify the habits of your target audience and suggest topics for podcasts that are related to the activities they may engage in while listening.

You can insert your product/service contextually, making audio marketing a huge sales opportunity.


In Short

You can grow your lead base and increase your sales, as you’ve seen in this article. However, if you want to see better results, you must include one or more of these strategies in your digital marketing plan.

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